Project Description

There is a growing movement in our region toward consumption of locally grown food products.  Locally produced food products are often grown with minimal or no exposure to pesticides or fertilizers.  Consumers want to purchase high quality food products, however, they may have a difficult time finding a place to purchase them locally.  “Connecting Consumers and Producers” is a marketing project that will promote local food producers and provide resources to consumers that support eating locally produced food all year round.


Project Components

  1. Connecting Consumers and Producers Brochure
  2. Connecting Consumers and Producers Community Events
  3. Agriculture Resources for Local Libraries

Project Goals

  1. To support the production of food products grown in the region.
  2. To increase local consumption of local food products.
  3. To improve the economic viability of the agriculture industry by growing the local food market.
  4. To improve access to resources which support local food production.
  5. To increase economic development opportunities.
  6. To encourage local level inter-relationships to continue after the project is completed.

Connecting Consumers and Producers Brochure




This brochure provides information for consumer about how to connect with local producers.  In addition the brochure features sections on preserving food, Farmer’s Market Directory, and activity pages for kids.

Click image to download the brochure.

Application Form download as PDF/WORD

Guidelines download as PDF/WORD