Proponent(s):  Spectra Energy
Related Infrastructure:  Prince Rupert LNG

Project Summary

Spectra Energy and its partner, BG Group, propose to build an approximately 850km natural gas pipeline corridor from the Cypress area in NE BC to BG Group's proposed LNG export facility on Ridley Island, near Prince Rupert.  The proposed pipeline route will contain up to two adjacent pipelines, each capable of transporting up to 4.2 billion cubic feet per day of natural gas.

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Proponent(s):  Prince Rupert Gas Transmission Ltd. (a wholly owned subsidiary of TransCanada PipeLines Limited.)
Related Infrastructure: Pacific NorthWest LNG

Project Summary

Prince Rupert Gas Transmission (PRGT) pipeline will be approximately 900 kilometres in length from a point near Hudson’s Hope BC to a proposed liquefied natural gas plant to be built on Lelu Island within the District of Port Edward. On land, PRGT would construct a single 48-inch diameter pipe. As it enters the water, there would be two 36-inch diameter pipes, which would be positioned along the ocean floor. The pipeline will have the capacity to transport 2 billion to 3.6 billion cubic feet of gas per day. Three compressor stations are planned, with provision for up to five more.

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Proponent(s):  Chevron/Woodside
Related Infrastructure:  Kitimat LNG Facility

Project Summary

The Pacific Trail Pipeline is a proposed 480 kilometre natural gas pipeline that will deliver gas from Summit Lake, B.C. to the Kitimat LNG facility site at Bish Cove on the northwest coast of British Columbia. The capacity of the pipeline would be 2 billion cubic feet per day, and includes a compressor station located at Summit Lake.

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Proponent(s):  Pacific Northern Gas
Related Infrastructure:  Triton LNG

Project Summary

Pacific Northern Gas Ltd. (PNG) is proposing to upgrade its gas transmission capacity by looping (or “twinning”) its existing natural gas transmission pipeline between Summit Lake, B.C. and Kitimat, B.C.  The proposed Project involves the construction of approximately 525 kms of new 24-inch pipe, operating in parallel with the existing pipeline.  Initial pipeline capacity would be 0.6 billion cubic feet per day.

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Proponent(s):  Coastal GasLink Pipeline Ltd. (a wholly owned subsidiary of TransCanada PipeLines Ltd.)
Related Infrastructure:  LNG Canada Export Terminal

Project Summary

This proposed project involves the construction and operation of an approximately 670-kilometre, 48-inch diameter natural gas pipeline running from near the community of Groundbirch (40 km west of Dawson Creek) to the proposed LNG Canada Export Terminal near Kitimat.  The project will have an initial capacity of 2.0 – 3.0 billion cubic feet per day, with a single anticipated compressor station to be located near Groundbirch, west of Dawson Creek. There is potential for expansion up to about 5.0 billion cubic feet per day and up to 8 compressor stations.

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