Career Profiles In The Mining Industry:

Camp Managers

Organize camp life, from maintenance to clean up to garbage. Keep things flowing smoothly.

North West Community College offers a Camp Management Training Program.


Cook for small (10 people) to large (100 people) groups, with or without assistants. Long swing-shift hours with lots of down time between meals. First up in camp! Often carry a Level 3 First Aid certificate and do double duty as the First Aid Attendant for the camp. Can attend chef school or get on-the-job training, beginning as an assistant cook.


Long hours of hard work. Responsible for heavy equipment and good return of core. Usually begin as a Driller Helper and learn on the job.

Driller Helpers

Very physical work.

North West Community College offers Driller Helpers Training or else apply in person and learn on the job with a drilling company.


Tend to be self-employed. Must be able to find and supply anything at anytime in order to be successful! Experience with camps is a must.

Field Assistants

Labour intensive. Work in labs, in warehouses, in the bush. Need to read maps,  compass and GPS. Able to lift good sized loads and do manual labour.

North West Community College offers Field Assistants Training or learn on the job.

First Aid Attendants

Level 1 is a must for everyone, Level 3 is strongly recommended before you apply for a First Aid Position. Training is rigorous and you may be responsible for long-term care of patients as many camps are located far from medical assistance.

First Nations Liaisons

Communicate/link First Nations communities and mining/exploration companies.

Geological Engineer

Often involved in the building of mines, stabilization of sites, and development of projects, these geology/engineer specialists require a university degree and years of experience.


Responsible for anything from logging core, mapping, and project planning, to sample shipments, geophysical surveys, section development, and resource estimation. Usually requires a university degree and/or years of experience.

Geotechs and Core Splitters

Assistants to the geologists, working on core, preparing and shipping samples, general duties.


Take the data collected by the Geologists and produce maps and sections. Usually requires a degree or diploma.

Government Employees (Mines Inspectors, Permitting, etc.)

Responsible for overseeing the permitting process for exploration and mining work, First Nation liasing, property inspection, report writing, government updates and talks. Usually requires a B.Sc. in a related field.

Lab Prep and Assayers

Process sample shipments into usable assay data (includes water, soil, rock, core, etc.) in the lab. Both on-the-job training and technical training available. Lab Managers often have chemistry degrees.

Line Cutters

Prepare grid patterns on a property for future geophysical surveys. On-the-job training.


Grassroots explorers. Often the first people to walk a property, take grab samples from the surface, find an interesting outcrop, stake a claim.

Usually on-the-job training but North West Community College offers an introductory prospector course.


Measure the property boundaries, drill hole information, etc. Specialized training but can also work as an assistant and get on-the-job experience.

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