Success Stories and Testimonials

“ Smithers is the quintessential community. It has the geography, the resources, and the beauty. Most of all it has the people. There is an amazing energy of collaboration that is present in Smithers and it is felt throughout the community at large and it is certainly present in the business community. There is no better place for a startup. We have already started.”  -- Tim Tchida, President, Summit Reforestation.

“ I came to Smithers because it was a great place to bring a family. It was conveniently located for my by business to grow.” -- Dan Young, President and Founder, All-West Glass Ltd.

“ I bought a business in Fraser Lake because I believed the community had a lot of potential. In the three years I have been here it has exceed all of my expectations, as well as being a friendly town with a business friendly village council and of course being in the center of some of the most beautiful country around with limitless recreational opportunities.” -- Rob King, Fraser Lake Supplies ltd.

“ Fort St. James is the ideal community for doing business;  there is great support from community members and collaboration between the district and business community. Fort St. James has an ideal setting with the mountains, lake and ski hill and combined with the great people of Fort St. James; a wonderful location for starting a business.” -- Bonnie Cameron, The View Hotel

“ Having the opportunity to build my business in Burns  Lake was like being given a gift where I can do what I love and love where I live! The small town atmosphere has allowed me to really get to know my clientele and offer them a personalized and unique shopping experience they can’t find anywhere else. It is so rewarding to create customized wardrobes for the women who live here and now the women who come here.... just to shop! When you bring business local and make it extraordinary ... your community engages and something magical happens!” -- Kelly Holliday, Aksenz Studios

” The Village of Telkwa is not only the place we choose to live, it is the place we choose to operate our business. We are surrounded by majestic mountains, world class rivers, and nature trails to satisfy daily walkers or the more serious hiker. Our business community is growing  because of the loyal people who choose to support local businesses whether big or small. The residents of Telkwa themselves are who we are most proud of. Telkwa is our home, yet the door is always open to prospective new businesses.” -- Leroy & Patricia Dekens, Midway Services

“ Vanderhoof is a great community both to live in and do  business. We are small enough you know most people by name yet large enough to support a service level enjoyed in larger centres. If you like outdoor recreation it’s either at your back door or a short distance away. As service hub for a much larger area there are all sorts of business  opportunities.” -- Kevin Moutray, Earthen Ware

“ The gratification of being in business in Vanderhoof is the friendly, understanding, and patient consumer. Not only does the local consumer give us time to do our job right the first time but they are also very knowledgeable, giving us the challenge to make sure we know what we’re doing. The friendly atmosphere in the community makes it an enjoyable place to work and raise a family. Vanderhoof has a variety of recreational options to live a healthy and active lifestyle, that puts me in the right occupation!” -- Dick Thiessen, Omineca Source for Sports

“ Houston is where I was born and raised. I have been blessed to not only start my business here, but also to grow it to become an integrated part of the community I love”.  -- Kyle Thomson, Monster Industries

“ Houston: Where the welcome is warm and the wilderness beckons. A great town to start a business and raise a family.” -- Tom Euverman, Country Wide Printing & Stationery