Community Futures Nadina

Business partnerships

Community Futures program that partners with lawyer, realtor, banking professional, or anyone else who has regular contact with local small business owners

Northern Opportunities

Network/Partnership for Training and Employment

Northern Opportunities is an innovative northeastern BC partnership of the Fort Nelson, Peace River North, and Peace River South school districts, Northern Lights College, First Nations, and industry with a common goal: to provide young people with a seamless learning pathway from secondary school to post secondary training leading to career success. Programs combine high school, college studies and work-based training enabling you to simultaneously earn your high school diploma and advanced credit in post secondary and/or industry certification.

Industry Training Authority BC

Government Agency/ Training Portal

The Industry Training Authority (ITA) leads and coordinates British Columbia’s skilled trades system. ITA works with employers, apprentices, industry, labour, training providers and government to issue credentials, supports apprenticeships, fund programs, set program standards and increase opportunities in the trades.

Trades Training BC

Network/ Training Portal

Trades Training BC is a consortium of 15 public post-secondary educational institutions (including College of New Caledonia and Northwest Community College) created to promote trades training in British Columbia. Trades Training BC’s primary function is to encourage students and others considering career retraining to explore trades as a viable career option. Additionally, Trades Training BC acts as an advocate for the member institutions in their communication with the public, government, businesses and other stakeholders. 

College of New Caledonia Applied Research

College Programming in Collaboration with Industry

Applied Research connects industry, business and community partners with the expertise and facilities at our College to conduct research and development, solve business challenges, and take advantage of market opportunities. Applied research collaborations with partners in our community produce outcomes that drive innovation in our region and produce direct economic and social benefits to our communities. Research projects enhance the quality of college programs by providing students a learning opportunity that goes beyond the classroom.

College of New Caledonia / Dunkley Lumber Partnership

College Programming in Collaboration with Industry

CNC, in partnership with Dunkley Lumber, has created the CNC Research Forest - a foundational land base for conducting applied forestry research. In addition, Dunkley’s partnership with CNC continues to grow and support their natural resource and forestry programming. As an industry leader in the region, Dunkley has helped CNC's students through significant financial contributions, hosting mill tours and hiring summer students, donating lumber to the carpentry program, and providing advice and guidance for research initiatives through their participation on the President’s Industry Council and through advocacy planning. 

BC Centre of Training Excellence in Mining

Network/Partnership for Training and Employment

BC CTEM is a province-wide virtual hub that facilitates collaborative and innovative training solutions for the mining industry and B.C. communities. Its mission is to connect industry, students, communities and training providers to meet their respective employment needs by playing a leading role in determining industry skills requirements, facilitating related training and supporting partners. It is funded primarly through the government of BC and industry supporters.

Northwest Community College, School of Exploration and Mining (SEM) / Smithers Exploration Group

College Programming in Collaboration with Industry

In partnership with Smithers Exploration Group and the Province of BC, SEM develops and delivers essential courses and programs targeted for the minerals industry. SEM's innovative program design and delivery, strategic partnerships, and commitment to social and environmental responsibility have been recognized through several provincial, national and international awards. SEM offers mobile and customizable courses to meet the employment training needs of the minerals and natural resource industries. Courses can be offered individually, packaged by contract or modified to meet the specific training needs of the client.  All courses have been designed in a modular format and can be easily adapted to suit the unique needs of each project, client, or community.